- A physical and virtual environments game -

Time  2016 Jun-Aug
       2017 Jul-2018Mar
Project Roles: UI Designer  2D Artist
Platform: kinect

About NoriLLA

NoRILLA is a physical and virtual environment in an educational game with a patent-pending technology that gets children thinking like a scientist but in an engaging and playful environment.


The game asks children to place different physical towers on a platform and predict which tower might fall first when the platform shakes. this enjoyable and collaborative educational approach improves children's learning by 5 times compared to a tablet or computer-based learning systems.


My job is to polish both physical and digital art. In terms of physical improvement, I attempt to refine their color blocks with sharp edge painting with the clean color coat. As to the visual word, I helped them build out the theme character and animation for the new competitive mode.

To make the new character fit in the previous gorilla character, I have to deconstruct the gorilla and try to mock up the details from it and recreate a new one. On the graphic part, I created UI for the home page.

Block Design

Previous Design
Previous Design

So I redesign the block and try to make the pattern easy and less color on my first prototype. However, we still spend too much time on slash lines because of our color coating theory.


We cut out all the slash design and save times on building it. By this design, we save 80% on building spendings.  

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