- A VR crowd gaming experience -

- Mobile -

Time  2017 Feb-May 
Project Roles: UI/UX Designer  2D Artist
Platform: Oculus  Mobile App
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Brain Storming

Design goals:

  • Incorporate VR meaningfully. Take advantage of its immersive, 360-degree interface.

  • Construct meaningful relationship between VR player and audience.

  • Motivate audience to engage actively. Let them be part of a bigger group, let them have a common enemy, give them a controlled degree of freedom.

  • Create satisfying interaction. Let audience influence game, make control simple, let their inputs be reflected, give their choices consequences.


Before we start building the crowd side of the game we decided to use Twitch as our platform. This can simulate the media environment and provide conflict.   

However, After some game test, I figure out that by using twitch, people start disconnecting while playing they are more focus on spamming than communicating.  That draws us back to consider building our own app to get more control on our experience.

Story Board


We wanted audiences to have the ability to know which side they were and chose the information that they wanted to share.  Since the style of the app should be consistent and have the same theming as the VR view I designed the UI base on the VR world Interface. 

User Testing

After testing the UI, I figured out that the flow is too long and some of the buttons are too complicated. So I simplified them and made the whole user flow clean and easy. 

Final Design

After preliminary few crowd testing on the game, we found out we needed to clarify crowd 's role into two different roles.


Citizen and Media had separate works to provide information for the people in the VR.  

I recreated the UI and its UX flow and finalized the web app.



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