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Time  2017 Feb-May 
Project Roles: UI/UX Designer  2D Artist
Platform: Oculus  Mobile App
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About Axon

Axon is a crowd game involving VR technology and mobile devices. It is a one of the first to mixed app/ VR for social gaming. The game judges whether the media or citizens players are guilty of spreading fake news.


Pioneering use of VR in the mobile app. It means that VR isn’t  isolating but rather is social for audiences. The experience implant ideas about people facing modern media. Though this game they could become more careful consumers of news.


CMU team designs game to explore fake news

Fake news isn't a game.

But a team of students at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center decided to explore fake news with a game...(more)

Brain Storming

Design goals:

  • Incorporate VR meaningfully. Take advantage of its immersive, 360-degree interface.

  • Construct meaningful relationship between VR player and audience.

  • Motivate audience to engage actively. Let them be part of a bigger group, let them have a common enemy, give them a controlled degree of freedom.

  • Create satisfying interaction. Let audience influence game, make control simple, let their inputs be reflected, give their choices consequences.

Paper Prototype

Before we start building the VR world we paper prototype it to make sure the game flow will run smoothly on VR and mobile. We build a board game prototype for testing. We found out the game flow went smooth. On the other hand, we identify the importance of the showing information showing on judge's site and the challenge to block the others from getting news feeds.    

Building Virtual World

To fit the theme, we tried to build a tribal world to create two tribes which both had misunderstandings with each other.


I started providing concept art to cooperated with programmers. I wanted to show the world looks and also know where the icons should be placed. Moreover, where the avatar should be placed and how do they show audiences' comments    

User Testing

After few test about the theme and UI concept, I figured out that the tribal theme might mislead the story and the information that we would like to deliver. So we decided to build the world with two alien civilization in a created planet.



To build up the new world, I started working on the new UI concept. I start with doing research on futuristic art style with holograms interface. 

The concept was built based on the art style elements. I started with high-resolution neon color with glowing edges. Moreover, sharp clean vector shapes and with dark backgrounds became the main design content for me to create the user interface.


Challenges & Changes

Decision  button

After testing the VR UI, I found out that when people try to make the decision weather which city was guilty. The guest used to click the button either without notice or accidentally press it.    

To make this work, I redesign the icon with the loading bar and to fit the Sci-Fi theme I made the bar rounded. they have to hold it for 3 sec for selecting the city and made a good judgment.

Info bobble 

First, we had our info bobbles all laid out. During the game test, I found out that guest focus more on the info bobble more than the main screen which has the information that came from the other audiences(mobile input).  

By fixing the problem I designed the info bobble only comes out one at a time in every 45 sec. It could not only give the guest more time to focus on the mobile inputs but also made sure that guest will open up the bobble.


Moreover, to prevent them from miss chicking, I made them floating (animated) up the city and made a notification sound effect while popping out.   

VR World


We are a proud people, descendants of a powerful galactic civilization...


We use our wealth and technology to bring prosperity to all planets....



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