- A Lunar New Year Intro App​ -

- Mobile -

Time  2018 Jan-Feb 
Project Roles: UI/UX Designer  2D Artist
Platform: Mobile App

Design Goals

  • Introducing lunar new year traditional to the people who are not familiar with Chinese culture with the mobile app. 

  • Building engaging experience to introduce festival tradition.
  • Celebrate the coming New year festival.     

Targeted Guest

  • People who are not familiar with Chinese Culture but interested in Lunar new year tradition

  • People who wish to introduce Chinese tradition (Educator, teacher, etc...)

  • Event participants (China town event)  

  • Age from 8-25(Young Generation)

Competitive Analysis

There are many introducing gamification Apps on the market but only a few focus on the lunar new year introducing.  However, there are good examples of mobile Apps that providing mini-games to spread information. 

WWF Together

  • Information(Animal Knowledge) spreading App

  • Mini-Games

  • Short experience 

  • Easy gesture

    • Swipe 

    • Tape

    • Device rotated 

  • Event-based

  •  Clean UI

    • Fashion style(photo-based)

    • Origami ​

Lunar New Year

  • Information(Chinese culture) spreading App

  • Mini-Games

  • Short experience 

  •  Clean UI

    • Cartoon

    • Chinese 

Fatt Zai 

  • Event-Based App

  • Mini-Games

  • Commercial purpose 

  •  Clean UI

    • Vector style(photo-based)

    • Cartoon

Story Board


The design goal is to design a short experience and clear.  The user experience should quickly lead guest to the mini-games. Also, wish to provide a clean user interface to let the guest can clearly have closer look at the festival tradition detail.    

Mini-Game Picks

Brain Storming

Mini-Game Design

User Testing

After testing the UI, the testing survey points out that the experience flow on editing page gone too long and some of the buttons over-designed. So I simplified them and made the whole user flow shorter and refined to cut unnecessary buttons. 

User Flow

After preliminary few paper testing on the App, the Survey shows out the whole experience time should build on 10-15 min. To fit this goal a mini-games should only have 1-2 min to demonstrate on the introducing. I construct the App into five mini-games and each included 2-4 pages.  


As to the main page, I not only fix the over-designed part but also build up a smooth and short experience to quickly give the guest a strong background knowledge of New Year tradition. Further, with the gaming experience, the guest gain more than just words description. 

Prototype Animation

To make the team more understand the design, I animated the UI flow. Also, by browsing the animation over and over again and asking survey from the user, I found out a few things to improve including guides and font size. 


To fix the problem on the first prototype, I add click icon to guide the guest by clicking on the next step. On the other hand, to fix the font size problem, I scale up the font and add typing animation to solve the larger paragraph.  

To be Continue....