- A fantasy top-down battle-royale mobile game -

Time  2018 Nov-2019 Jan
Project Roles: UI/UX Designer 
Platform: Mobile App Android


I joined NetEase to support the UX/UI team in their preparations for Closed Beta Testing. I focused on improving UI flows, creating wireframes for new features, and improving the legibility of icons for Android.


To cooperate closer to the Engineer, I also stood a very important role to improve UI layouts and UI optimization in Unity. 




Store UX

Store UX.png

Spectated Mode UX

Specttated Mode Mockup.png

During the player testing, we find out that user kept clicking the "leave button." Also, users in the spectated mode wish to know what the equipped item is.


Base on the requirement that we have, I made the exit button on the top and made a button to navigate the equipped items.       



Banner Design

Banner desgin.png

Setting Layout


UI Optimization


During the CBT we identify the territory that we go live have different mobile device using habit. Most of our user can't run our game.   


By using the Unity profiler function, I cooperated closely with the engineering team to save 75% off from our in-app-memory and cut off 50% call-draw of each screen.  It leads the game back to function in most of the device.