Good Old Time

- A documentary about Taiwanese history -


 This was a two-year project made up of a six-person team. Extensive research and documentary reporting was spent on an old military village which had maintained for sixty years. As the government tried to increase space in China, they demolished old areas to rebuild new buildings. However, in those communities, the original villagers were soldiers from the provinces all over China. By doing the photographic documentation and interview report, we try to educate and inform the public about those villages as it was an important part of Taiwanese history.  

During the project, we set up a series of exhibitions featuring our photos to help people in Taiwan understand those stories within the villages. I planned the photographic exhibition and design the poster.

Finally, after two years of documentation, we decide to write a book about our learnings and published it in 2014. We split into two groups to focus on different part of the book. I was the leader of the culinary section which focuses on the introducing the foods and special items which only appears in those villages.