Horspital is a  cooperative story-based game for two players. The main characters are two lovely children whose grandfather had a heart attack, so they are rushing to the hospital. The two characters want their grandfather to feel better so they try to sneak the horse, which their grandfather treasure into the hospital. The guest is supposed to use a carrot to lead the horse to go forward (Leap motion) and to stroke, the form made horse head in order to prevent the horse from getting too excited (Makey Makey) in the hospital. Aside from controlling the horse, the guest has to prevent from being captured or spotted. 


  As a producer, I focused on arranging the schedule and hosting the play testing. Moreover, as an artist I worked on foam prop building, character design and story board design.

  After game play-test, the feedback indicated that the game was too short and suggested that the level be extended. We digested the feedback and ended up trying to create a second stage and make the game interesting.