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- A digital menu system -

Project Roles: UI/UX Designer 
Platform: Mobile & Desktop
Logo 2.png

A digital menu system:

  • Provide more dish information and preview options to customers

  • Spurring up the dish ordering process 

  • Faster paying experience with various paying method

  • Data collecting for the owner for better Kitchen managing   


Wire flow

By interviewing a few restaurant owners and customers. I ping out the problems with the current ordering system and dinning experience. 

Owner :

  • It is a great mission to find out customers' favorite dishes.

  • There are many paying methods hard to satisfy all the options.

Customer : 

  • I wish to have more information on the menu for me to decide what is good.

  • I wish to have a faster way to pay my meal

With all the problems were laid out, I build a wired flow to have the blueprint of the user experience and further start to develop a prototype. 



Mobile Prototype


To create a prototype for user testing. I find out that users need more dish detail while they are browsing so that it could help them for making the decision. Also, instead of the featured section, users wish to have a top sale based on the raw count to help them decide what should they order.   



Animation Transition


Visual Design


Desktop coming soon...