- A physical and virtual environments game -

Time  2016 Jun-2018Mar
Project Roles: UI Designer  2D Artist
Platform: kinect

About NoriLLA

NoRILLA is a physical and virtual environment in an educational game with a patent-pending technology that gets children thinking like a scientist but in an engaging and playful environment.


The game asks children to place different physical towers on a platform and predict which tower might fall first when the platform shakes. this enjoyable and collaborative educational approach improves children's learning by 5 times compared to a tablet or computer-based learning systems.

Block Design

Design Goal

  • Redesign blocks for decreasing the block-making budget.(Manufacturer)

  • Build block that has a stronger identification to cut down user finding time. 

  • Building stronger structure.


  I redesign the block and try to make the pattern easy and only color on my first prototype.



  • Four colors coast less save 50% of the budget.

  • The easy color pattern coast less as well. 

  • Less color becomes easy to identify.

  • Adding extra coating with glossy paint. (provide extra strength and protect color paint )


After a few backs and forth with the manufactory, we realize that the blocks still coast too much time on slash lines. Also, the glossy paint did not help too much on strengthing the blocks with the way we build the block(Attaching small blocks into big blocks). So I redesign the block as all straight strip and cut all the blocks in one piece of wood.  


  After redesigning the block and edit the digital upgrades(new block image). We did some game-testing in crowd experiences. 


Improve results:

  • Because the new blocks required less building time, we save 80% of our budget and the design is benefit for future with massive production.

  • The test result shows that user spends time on finding blocks that system requests.   

  • We decrease the percentage of the user breaking the block. 

Visual Updates

Design Goal

  • Build new icon for start page.

  • Develop new character(animation) for new function. 

  • Polish new art content for remain system.(Improve user experiences) 


  For fitting the new release system, I built some new characters (animation) for gathering interest. Before this there is only one character for the whole system.   


Improve results:

  • After testing with children players, we increased the interest for them to play with our game. 

  • With different character involve in the new system, differentiated the new system and the main system.    

2D Art


Design Goal

  • Pitching Facebook fan page idea to CMU.   

  • Building media page and poster for Norilla

  • Manage fan page with press new.

Photo Frame


Facebook Page

  • Facebook Social Icon

  My pitch got proved and I managed all the previous press into the fan page. With the poster I built and photo frame I created, the fan page fits more to our theme.   


Improve results:

  • Capture more attention by public. 

  • Provide platform for sharing events link from participation.