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Time  2019 Feb-2019 Oct
Project Roles: UX Designer 
Platform: iOS/Android

App Intro

Omlet Arcade is the premier platform for powering up your gaming experience with people in the same hobit. By live streaming your best moments, squad up with new friends, and using custom tools to improve your gameplay experiences with the significant game communities.


All mobile games are supported, including PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, Brawl Stars, Roblox, and more!

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As a UX designer at Omlet, I work on the product team to research future product directions and features that will benefit our users and drive growth and revenue for our application.


My core responsibilities include conducting user research and testing, as well as developing prototypes and design documents for our overseas engineering and UI design teams. During the UI design and engineering implementation process, I continue to liaise with the team to ensure that the design is executed accurately and effectively, and make adjustments to the flow if necessary.

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Biggest challange

Unified Store System


In our original system, we lacked a centralized place for users to make in-app purchases of our digital products, including Tokens (our in-app currency), profile decorations, stickers, and stream overlays. The products were scattered in numerous places and many layers deep within the app. Each digital product also had its own purchase interface. This meant that it was difficult for our users to discover and understand our in-app products, resulting in a very low purchase rate.



Our solution was to build a unified store. The store serves as a centralized location for our users to find and easily browse all in-app purchase offerings. Additionally, by surfacing the store on our home page, we are able to increase the visibility of our digital products, thereby increasing click through and purchase rate.

Web Unifistore_5.png


To create the prototype, I conducted extensive research on different game stores in order to best cater to our gaming audience. The goal was to create a store that not only had consistent browsing and purchase UI/UX, but also had a premium look and feel to encourage users to perform more purchases.


The store also includes a promotional area where we are able to feature new products and special sales. Such promotions help encourage users to revisit the store on a regular basis and increase the probability that a user will make a purchase.

Final Product

After completing the prototype, I iterated with our Taiwan UI and engineering teams to create and implement the final design for our unified store. The final result was a polished store that was able to grasp our users' attention and break our daily revenue record within the first day of release. In the end, the unified store resulted in an average 300% growth in our in-app purchase rate.


In addition, having a unified storefront has allowed us to collect more informative purchase data from our users so that we can create more targeted products. We plan to continue improving the store by adding more personalized product recommendations and promotions to boost sales.

Omlet store.png

Sticker Store



One of our main in-app products are stickers, which are important for creating a more interactive, emotive, and engaging chatting experience. Unfortunately, we were unable to take full advantage of the stickers because we lacked the infrastructure to provide fresh new stickers for our users to express themselves with. In addition, our sticker tray UI was inconsistent with the rest of our app UI, which made it unpleasant to use.



I proposed a new sticker tray design with a UI that is more consistent with our app's theme. Moreover, I designed a brand new sticker store where we could constantly provide new sticker packs for our users to download and purchase. The new sticker UX also provided a way for users to easily organize their owned sticker packs for quick access to their favorite stickers.

sticker store UI extend_2.png (1).gif

Final Product

Upon releasing the sticker store, our sticker usage rate increased by over 60%. In the future, we plan to continue boosting the value of our stickers by allowing users to insert stickers into their stream donations and posts.

Sticker Pack Design

In addition to designing the sticker store, I created a fun Chiba sticker pack for our store. This sticker pack has been the top seller for the 4 weeks since its release, and remains the hottest item in the sticker store!

Asset 43.png

Voice Chat System


Voice chat is one of the most highly retaining features in Omlet Arcade. Users love to use voice chat for group gaming experiences like Minecraft and PUBG. The problem was that we were not leveraging this feature to its fullest extent. The voice chat was hidden too deep inside the app, which meant it was difficult for people to discover. The user flow was still in beta and had not been further developed or polished for a long time.



To cater to the multiple usages of the voice chat system, I divided the voice chat feature into three parts: direct, group, and stream calls. The direct calls are for 1:1 calls between friends. Group calls can be used for small friend groups, or purposed into more open voice channel "parties". Last but not least, stream calls are essentially open voice channels that viewers can join to more deeply engage with the streamer during a stream or viewer game.


Setting Design

I collected all the use cases of voice chat in our app to determine what settings were necessary to enhance the user experience. To help improve audio quality, I proposed two-volume bars for input and output to reduce audio feedback


In addition, to provide better control of the voice chat for stream and group calls, I proposed some additional management tools, including host speech mode, different chat room joining permissions, and invite links. This way, the host can make an announcement if necessary, and more effectively moderate their stream channel.



Voic .png

Final Prototype

The final prototype not only have one to one, one to group and community voice chat to fit all voice chat situation.