- A high-energy, interactive mobile game -​

Time  2016 Feb-May 
Project Roles: UI UX Designer 2D 3D Artist
Platform: Mobile App (IOS, Android)

About Ontrack

Team OnTrack is working with the United States of America Track & Field Foundation (USATFF) to develop a mobile game targeted at promoting track & field popularity, as well as general fitness.


The goal of this project is to create an interactive track & field game that will enable kids to compete in events against current Olympic athletes.


Our main challenge with this project is to design a game that students would be engaged with, while also being usable during USATFF’s live events. We are specifically focused on middle to high school students and attempted to make use of frequent playtesting with students to improve our design.

Event We Join

Games4Health is a global, student game design competition with over $60,000 in prizes up for grabs! The competition is hosted by the University of Utah’s Sorenson Center for Discovery & Innovation. 

Brain Storming

Design goals:

  • Targeting High School students (13-18 years old)

  • Promote Track & Field and sponsored athletes

  • Provide space for marketing/branding

Flow Chart



To fit the theme, the user interface was built in the cartoon and futuristic style. We wanted to target the young user and attracted them by using high-saturation icons.   

User Interface

Map UI

To make the map fit the theme, I designed the map looks like a track runway and made it rounded so that it could be more user-friendly.  

Win UI

To make the winning scene more attractive, I made the win UI animated. By filling the bar, we showed the information and how far the guest from the gold medal.  With the achievement interface pops out, we wanted to provide as much information as we can but did not want to confuse them so we used the color to identify the difference.    

Touch UI

Our game has to run in place physically so it was hard to control the direction. I created a finger icon to press it while they are running and with a big area for them to identify it makes the button more user-friendly for guest to control the direction.     

3D Model