- A new kind of connection and collaboration platform -

Time: 2021 May- Current
Project Roles: UI/UX Designer 
Platform: PC / Mac

App Intro

Ronday is the ultimate office experience that you can access from your desktop. By providing:

  • Real-time proximity-based voice & video chat

  • Designed to promote natural interactions for a stress-free virtual office experience

  • Screen-sharing is easy & practical, and a variety of emotes enhances interactive engagement

  • Private Meetings

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As a UI/UX designer at Ronday, I worked as a UX designer to map out future features direction by Figma and also worked as a UI designer to implement UI content into Unity.


My responsibility is to reforge Ronday's UI arts and proved user-friendly UX features to reach the public stander. And help them make it to the BETA finish line.   

UI Design

As a UI designer, one of my jobs is to do UI implementation in Unity. This involves UI canvas management, UI layout, and tween animation.  The goal is to redesign all UI icons and windows to fit more modern and user-friendly. 


UX Design

Whiteboard UX Design

After the Beta testing, we received a lot of feedback that they wish to have a better communication tool while users are discussing their products and features in the office. We think of building a whiteboard experience for users to have a quick tool to start the conversation. I used Figma as a design tool to develop the UX design. 

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Info Change UX Design

Before we have more users to register our platform we realized that users need to have the ability to change their account information by themself.  The feature is to allow users to manage their account info(Nick Name/ Email/ Password). I worked closely with the backend programmers to make sure UX design is workable from our server. 

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Screenshare UX Design

As a UX designer, I find out our screen share option feature wasn't too friendly for users. The original design is to have a dropdown menu(text) for users to pick the window that users wish to share. So we decided to create a picture version of the screen share menu to make the screen sharing more friendly for most of the users. 

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