- A physical interactive education game -​

Time  2016 Sep-Dec 
Project Roles: UI/UX Designer  Game Desinger
Platform: SmaLLab (motion capture)

About SmAll

Team SmAll is creating an interactive game for seven school districts in Western Pennsylvania including urban (Pittsburgh) and rural (Elizabeth Forward) districts to be used in their SMALLabs. The game will be used by students to introduce and reinforce classroom learning and practice calculating fractions. 


The goal is to not only enhance their learning performance through games but also to help them overcome the struggle of understanding fractions in fun and engaging ways. Team SmAll seeks to enhance interest in fractions and knowledge acquisition through technology and embodied learning environments.

What is SMALLab?

SMALLab is an embodied learning environment where students are up out of their seats, moving as they learn. Our mixed-reality technology is transforming learning, increasing student achievement, and improving teacher performance.

Design goals:

Our target is to have the students reinforce their knowledge after classes. During the experience, we want the kids to be guided by the teacher, then we want the students to start playing individually or cooperatively. Engaging though embodied learning environments will lead the students to reinforce what they had learned from the class.  


To more effectively fit the different grades in the school, we built the configured editor for the teacher to change the level for each class. All the elements in the game can be switched to a various topic and help the student in the different grade. 

Game Elements

To fit the requirement of the game mechanic the character should have the ability to become invisible so we drew several concepts of characters for children to select. After the survey, children pick the ghost character as their favorite character.


In order to make the ghost character theme come to life. we built the environment: black forest.


However, we thought that the theme of ghosts might not be friendly to some of the kids in different cultural or religious back grounds.


Then we changed the theme into a candy world to make it more kid friendly.  The reason we do not want to change the character too much is that the kids really like the character. So we changed the character into a whip cream monster. 

UI Mapping

User Interface

In order to make the game more competitive we split the interface into team1 and team 2

  • The process bar is the feedback we got from children that they want to know how far the level goes.   

  • Based on levels we change the background color every time they level ups so they can clearly understand what levels they've reached and what level the other team is. 

Number Line Estimation

The number line estimation mode helps children to understand what fractions made of.

  • By providing the different number we can give the flexibility for teachers to choose how hard the levels should be for the kids. 


VR World