Smaug's Table


  Smaug's Table is a themed Restaurant that we created in Experience Design class from CMU.  We created a pre-show experience to show our concept of the Restaurant. The theme was based on the original movie's (The Hobbits )and the novel's description about the Lonely Mountain. The guest is supposed to enter the Cave and having an unexpected adventure for finding the treasures.       


​Concept Art

  Base on the design I layout the concept art for what the restaurant looks like. To show and add the four kingdom idea to the concept art. in the picture you can imagine how it looks like and has the idea how the theme will look like. The  concept I find reference from the book description and drowsing from John Howe

Menu  Design​

 Menus will be the soul of the of the restaurant. Without the menu, the restaurant is incomplete. So the big job for me in this project is to create the menu. It should be fansy but practical and doable. After seeking for many recipe and combining them with my cooking knowledge we created a menu that fits to the kingdom differences.         

Visualized by : Jiaqi Wu