- An editor for Apply Mac with A.I. -

Time  2017 Sep-Dec 
Project Roles: UI UX Designer
Platform: Mac

Design Goal

  • Developing new editor with AI system.

  • Developing a multi-purpose editor.

    • Coding notes

    • Word document

    • Graphic design

    • Illustration 

  • Faster User experience on searching files and saving progress

  • How to build the storage system with AI support?

  • How to build the storage system with multi-purpose?  

Brain Storming

Analysis & Reconstruct

Competitive Analysis

To fit the design goal, I analyzed some storage apps and editors. From Google drive to Adobe CC and to Microsoft Office...etc.    

Google drive

  • Thumbnail image for browsing (easy to know the content and different ) 

  • File list

  • ​​Drag and drop saving gesture 

  • Icons for different file type​

  • History movies 

Illustrator &  Photoshop 

  • Thumbnail image for browsing 

  • History movies ​


  • File list 

  • Keyword search

  • History movies 

Microsoft Office

  • File list & Thumbnail image for browsing

  • Keyword search

  • History movies 


On the other hand, I point out the bullet points form the brainstorming process. Separated them with the character of "storage design" and "A.I."


It makes it clear on whether there is anything that I could build the user experience in storage system stronger and faster when the A.I. system get involved        

Target List


  • Voice

  • A.I.(Auto name)

  • Keyword

  • Verify Percent


  • List 

Doc V.S. Image

  • Filter


  • Quick Save

  • Drag and Drop

  • Version control


  • Voice

  • Keyword 

  • Filter

  • History

First Prototype

The first prototype mostly focuses on quick excess to the file by bookmark and history. Also, Strength the version control and searching keyword system.


  • Users can search their file by entering time, type, or keyword. The design is to shorten the time they find their files. The A.I. takes place by collecting user searching date to reflect users searching pattern and give the closest result to the user. 


  • Furthermore, I input the version control concept base on the hardware storage technology is escalating, I design the system could autosave multi-versions for users to find what they would like to work with. It could fix the way that people have to name every version of their file.  ( Autosave system will base on the user hobby to save the version for the user. )  


By paper prototyping and team discussion.   I figured out that the bookmark is too complicated and most of the testers did click on the bookmarks and history. Most of the users directly click on the search button and start searching their files.


  • On the programming side, they felt too much version in one file is a wast. For they think that only 20% of the previous version will be used and re-edit.


  • To shorten the user flow I gave up all the finding file progress. Users directly search for keywords. To make the UI cleaner the searching engine only provide 3 results you could either click "+" for more result or insert more keywords. 


  • Also, I redesign the version control into 3 version for one file everytime the user saved or it will replace the oldest version. It fixes concern and can also remain the conveniences of version systems.    


User Interface